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Italian Dessert Recipes

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For many, along with the spice-dense panforte, the light, sophisticated ricciarello is the true Tuscan Christmas treat. They used to be made in convents and apothecary shops, the only places where the right spices and storage conditions would be found. One theory of the origin of their name (“riccio” means “curl”) is that their shape recalls the curled-up ends of the shoes of the Sultans, reminding us of the eastern places where all marzipan-like sweets originated from.
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Italian apple cake

Moist Apple Cake

Manuela’s mother has offered lots of inspiration and recipes for our cooking classes in Tuscany. This is one of her recipes, now handed down to her children and grandchildren. Thanks Licia!

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Fruit and Custard Tart

This is a tart to rival a patisserie bought one. In our cooking courses in Italy we show you just how the pastry should be rolled out: quickly, gently but firmly. It takes some practise, but is well worth mastering. Delicious with soft fruit such as raspberries.

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Schiacciata alla fiorentina

Carnival Sponge Cake

Schiacciata alla Fiorentina is a fluffy, delicately scented Mardi Gras cake. It is one of the dairy-free desserts that we make during our cooking courses in Italy.

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Italian chocolate cake

Serenella's Amazing Chocolate Cake

Serenella is one of our lovely instructors at our cooking school in Italy. This moist, rich cake is addictive!

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Custard Pie with Pine Nuts & Almonds

In this traditional Tuscan dessert the combination of rich pastry, delicate custard and toasted nuts makes for a special treat indeed. During our cooking courses in Tuscany, we teach you how to make the pastry to perfection. It needs some care and practise, but is well worth it!

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Pear and Fig Tart

Pear and Fig Tart

You can make this tart with pretty much any fruit, but the combination of figs and pears is divine! During our cooking classes in Tuscany, we use ripe figs from the trees at the top of the hill.

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Tiramisu (literally “Pick me up”) seems to have been around for generations, but is in fact a creation from the 1970s! The version that we teach at our cooking school in Tuscany uses custard.

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Orange and chocolate cake

Orange and chocolate cake

This is a typical Sephardic Passover cake, which has various versions, made throughout the Mediterranean.

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These are the classic “biscotti” as they are often known in the US (in Italian, this just means any “cookies”). Using the finest flour available (Italian “00” is the best) results in the most mouthwatering morsels. Guests that come to our cooking classes in Italy tell us that when they get home, these are the […]

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