eggplant croquettes

Eggplant /Aubergine Croquettes

One of the most delicious things invented! Best fried just before you serve them, but they are fine at room temperature too if it’s a hot day. These go quickly when we make them at our cooking school in Tuscany!
March 14, 2010/by Manuela

Budino ~ Italian Crème Caramel

Traditionally a "budino" is made in a large mould, not little individual moulds. It makes for a more spectacular sight when it it served, but be careful when you turn it upside down to serve!
April 5, 2010/by Manuela

Bean and Escarole Soup (or Crostini)

You can serve small quantities of this Tuscan bean dish on crostini, as an appetizer, or larger quantities as a hearty soup.
June 13, 2010/by Tina

Pasta con le patate ~ Neapolitan pasta and potato soup

This is a traditional Neapolitan recipe, from the times when many people needed to be fed with very little. And it still needed to be delicious. This soup is creamy and satisfying and pleases the crowds!
March 13, 2017/by Shilpa

Acquacotta ~ Light Tuscan vegetable soup with tomato and egg

This is the Tuscan "stone soup": a soup made out of practically nothing. This is a delicious light soup made out simple vegetables that are always on hand. The addition of bread and an egg give it consistency.
February 27, 2017/by Shilpa

Minestrone alla Genovese ~ Silky vegetable soup with basil pesto

This soup is almost too solid to be called a soup. Its flavours are very rich, with the mushrooms and basil really adding a great depth of flavour.
February 7, 2017/by Shilpa

Minestrone ~ Tuscan Vegetable Soup

The distinctive taste of this soup comes from the cavolo nero ("black cabbage"). This has recently been popularized by chefs such as Jamie Oliver and is now available in many farmers' markets.
September 27, 2010/by Shilpa

Dairy-free carrot cake

Hardly a dieter’s cake - the 5 eggs probably make up for any points you gain by not having dairy, but light nonetheless.
February 12, 2010/by Manuela

Fruit Bavaroise

This is a great summer dessert which is light, fruity, fresh and refreshing!
January 8, 2011/by Riccardo

Rustic Focaccia

An easy but unusual focaccia recipe which makes a rustic-textured, half wholewheat bread. Ideal to eat with cheeses and salad.
February 4, 2010/by Shilpa

Pasta with broccoli

This is a quick, healthy and tasty dish originally from southern Italy which has many possible variations (some add anchovies, some boil the broccoli in the pasta water etc).
February 13, 2011/by Riccardo

Zuppa inglese

This dessert often gets translated as “trifle”. It is a layered dessert like trifle, but is as far as one can get from the jelly and sherry of British offerings.
January 2, 2010/by Shilpa

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