Stuffed baked onions

Simple flavours - onion and smoked cheese - that combine perfectly for a dish that complements practically all main courses.
February 8, 2010/by Manuela

Simple vegetable stock

A decent stock is essential for many dishes, such as risotti and slow-cooked dishes. Vegetarians will be pleased that most stock used in Tuscany is vegetable stock.
January 28, 2010/by Tina

Artichoke sauce for pasta

Artichokes can seem daunting - what to do with all those leaves??!! But once you have conquered the fear, this nutritious and delicious vegetable will become a favourite.
January 27, 2010/by Shilpa

Carciofi alla romana – braised artichokes

These make a tasty little side dish or aperitif.
January 26, 2010/by Manuela

Cannellini beans with tomato and herbs

Literally the name means “in the manner of little birds”: this is the way that small birds were cooked up when they were brought home from a morning’s hunting. Cannellini beans are so much nicer...
January 26, 2010/by Tina

Lentil and celeriac salad

A great way to eat lentils when the weather is war. This salad has great bite and a lovely flavour.
May 14, 2011/by Shilpa

Sicilian orange and fennel salad

The most refreshing of winter salads, this sounds a little odd, but is wonderful!
January 25, 2010/by Shilpa

Simple zucchini (courgette) pasta sauce

When the zucchini glut is upon us, we have this a couple of times a week. It’s light but fragrant and satisfying.
January 24, 2010/by Shilpa

Panzanella ~ Tuscan bread and tomato salad

This is a great dish to make a couple of hours in advance in the summer, to have ready waiting for you in the fridge when you get back home. It is light yet satisfying.
January 24, 2010/by Tina
Guinea Fowl with Walnuts and Grape Juice recipe

Guinea Fowl with Walnuts and Grape Juice

This is a great dish for the autumn, with the nuts adding texture and the just-harvested grapes adding a smooth sweetness.
September 27, 2010/by Riccardo

Arista -Tuscan-style roast pork

this is one of the classic tuscan roast meat dishes, herby and succulent.
January 23, 2010/by Tina

Pasta and bean soup

Since Italian cuisine is so regional, there are dozens of versions of this delicious, hearty soup. In Tuscany, white cannellini beans are used.
January 21, 2010/by Tina

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